A cousin’s wedding is approaching and you want to lose a few pounds before the event. Or, your prom is in the coming days and you want to look gorgeous and gorgeous wearing that long party dress of your dreams. Or you need to dry a few inches of measure to look good in your pre-wedding photos. Well, all these situations require you to take a quick diet, focused on losing weight fast or even to eliminate liquids that sometimes make us appear swollen. If this is your case, here are some quick diets that will help you dry before a party or major event.

Fast liquid diet

The liquid diet is one of the best-known fast diets for those who want to lose weight quickly, and as the name suggests, their menu indicates that you should feed only on liquid things. Keto Viante South Africa As you may already imagine, this is not considered a healthy diet, and should be done with care and moderation. It is only indicated in cases of urgency, and ideally not to exceed three days.


The diet is basically made up of juices and soups, and of course, lots of water. It is important that you do not stop eating, and in that period opt for healthier foods. Make natural fruit juices and invest in vegetables when preparing your soup. Another food that can help you to eat better, and still lose weight in this period are the leafy vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, cabbage.

With this diet it is possible to lose up to three pounds, on average in three days feeding on a menu based only of liquid preparations. However, it is important to warn that this loss is not usually fat, but a loss of water, which makes you look swollen.


If you are on the inside of the latest health and weight loss news you may have heard about intermittent fasting, which is a very much practice that is gaining momentum among people who wish to lose weight. Fasting is nothing more than the practice of running out of food, whether you feed yourself or even restrict only certain foods.

In the case of fasting to lose weight, it is necessary to be clear that you should never be without eating completely. Ideally, take some punctual meals, planned together with a nutritionist, and spend a few hours without eating.

It is also the nutritionist who will indicate how long you should fast according to the pounds you want to lose. But it is interesting that you know that fasting is a practice known for making weight loss very fast. It is an option if you are looking for a quick diet.

Egg diet

Another quick diet that we would like to quote here is the egg diet, which puts this super food at the center of your menu in order to make you lose weight very fast. In this diet, the egg is basically the only protein you are going to feed on, so Truu Keto takes a lot of willpower to take that menu forward, since the risk of nausea is very high, because you’re going to be eating basically every day the same thing.

This is also not a recommended menu to be followed for many days thanks to great food restriction, which in the long run can end up causing health problems. It’s more of an emergency diet such as a party or event or even a photo shoot.

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