Male Extra is a libido enhancement and erection product that aims to increase sexual stamina and penis size with an all-natural formula.

In Reviews of Male Extra you will find: what is Male Extra, how to use it, its ingredients, its benefits, its side effects, the testimonials of real users, the packs, the prices, where to buy it, the benefits and disadvantages.

A man’s self-confidence is essentially based on his sexual performance.

Do you need a boost?

Male Extra promises to improve your sexual stamina and the strength and duration of your erections with totally natural ingredients.

Male Extra, what is it?

Male Extra is a food supplement manufactured by Vobue Limited that helps improve sexual performance in men with 100% natural ingredients.

Vobue Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of supplements for more than ten years.

The company is dedicated to research and development in the supplement industry created in facilities certified by the FDA.

The highest quality ingredients guarantee that the formulas of their supplements give optimal results.

Many men, faced with declining performance and sexual abilities, are turning to drugs or injections to improve their erections.

However, most, if not all, of these treatments are harmful to health and can damage the natural production of male hormones.

Moreover most of them are very restrictive because they must be spaced a certain time of the sexual act to give the desired effect.

The advantage of Male Extra is that it does not have all these disadvantages.

Indeed, this supplement is of 100% natural origin and allows to find an optimal sexual activity and durable.

Its innovative formula acts on the long term and its effect will not dissipate over the months.

On the contrary, it will be even stronger.

With this product, the user can increase his sexual activity on several levels.

First, there is an increase in libido and sexual desire as well as an improvement in the power and duration of erections that become bigger and harder.

It also acts on the vigor and the energy which makes it possible to have an endurance during all the night.

The orgasms are much more intense than ever before thanks to this supplement. You and your partner will be satisfied to the highest degree.

Ingredients of Male Extra

L-Arginine HCL (600 mg)

L-Arginine is an amino acid that can be produced by the body, but only in small amounts, especially with advancing age.

It improves the blood circulation by turning into nitric acid, which causes the natural enlargement of the blood vessels and a relaxation of the smooth muscles (necessary to obtain an erection).

Grenache Ellagic Acid (500 mg)

This ingredient comes from pomegranate and is very rich in antioxidants that help improve blood circulation and erectile function.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) (100 mg)

This ingredient is a sulfur mineral to promote the regeneration of cells of different tissues of the body, including the penile tissue.

By facilitating the growth and regeneration of cells, it promotes the growth of the corpus cavernosum of the penis that can contain a larger amount of blood to obtain stronger and harder erections.

L-Methionine (100 mg)

It is an essential amino acid promoting the growth of new blood vessels.

It also inhibits the production of histamine responsible for ejaculation.

This helps to delay premature ejaculation and to have greater endurance in bed.

Zinc citrate (14 mg)

The addition of Zinc in Male Extra improves the blood levels of testosterone, a hormone that plays a key role in sexual desire, erectile function and pleasure intensity.

By increasing the level of testosterone in the body, one gets an increased libido and stronger erections.

Cordyceps (25 mg)

This mushroom, known for a long time by Chinese medicine for its powerful aphrodisiac properties, improves the male libido.

Niacin or Vitamin B3 (18 mg)

Male Extra, how does it work?

The cavernous body of the penis is the pillar of erections. In a schematic way, the cavernous body is assimilated to a chamber and once this chamber irrigated as it is necessary of blood, it swells and thus causes an erection.

The storage capacity of the blood in the cavernous body is essential in order to obtain powerful erections. The bigger it is, the stronger the erection. The health of the cavernous body also depends on the blood flow as well as the hormonal status of the man who are also essential for a good sex life.

  • Male Extra increases blood flow in the cavernous penile body by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the tissues. This contributes to achieving powerful and lasting erections, nitric oxide being the main factor of dilation of blood vessels. The excess of blood in the cavernous body allows to dilate the penile tissues in a maximal way which leads to a better sensitivity of the tissues and an increased pleasure.
  • Male Extra increases the level of testosterone in humans. The action of this supplement on the levels of testosterone makes it possible to obtain a better libido and more intense orgasms.
  • The Male Extra supplement also acts on cellular regeneration. It allows the expansion of the tissues of the cavernous body. This helps ensure stronger and harder erections. This dietary supplement is also very rich in anti-oxidant products.
  • The ingredients of the Male Extra food supplement allow the man to regain full form and better energy which improves sexual performance and stamina.

The consequences of these mechanisms are:

  • An increase in libido and sexual desire.
  • An improvement in the quality of erections and their duration.
  • An increase in endurance and sexual energy.
  • A more intense and intense pleasure.
  • A satisfaction of your partner in the highest degree.

How to use Male Extra?

  • The recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day in a single dose before the meal.
  • The moment of the meal is not important.
  • It is thus the user to choose during which meal he will take Male Extra.
  • It is important to follow the recommended daily dose and to be observant and regular in taking it in order to obtain optimal results.

Male Extra Side Effects

There is normally no contraindication to taking this over-the-counter supplement without a prescription.

Male Extra is 100% natural ingredients and contains no chemical additives or allergens, however, if you are allergic to one or more of the ingredients in this supplement, it is contraindicated (risk of very serious repercussions).

In people with heart disease or other medications, a doctor’s advice is recommended before taking Male Extra.

There are usually no side effects to the use of Male Extra.

However, in people who suffer from systemic or chronic disease (diabetes, high blood pressure), increased blood flow and increased levels of testosterone can imbalance these diseases.

In any case, every person suffering from any illness or taking long-term medication should take the advice of their doctor before using Male Extra.

Male Extra user reviews and effectiveness

Jeanette B. – United States:

Works perfectly for my boyfriend

I recently bought Male Extra for my boyfriend who sometimes has difficulty getting an erection.

I attribute that to the fact that he has been smoking for almost 17 years.

He is a little too young to start taking V …., In my opinion, so I went online to look for a natural alternative.

He is too shy to thank you personally, so I thought I could come here and thank you for him and also spread the word about this great product.

Thank you so much !

Joshua C. – United States:

A good long-term solution

It takes about 3 months to work, but it’s worth the wait!

Do not buy this product if you need to get there the next day. It makes your erection harder and bigger, but for the enlarging effects around you will need to give yourself about 3 months.

Buy it now and you’ll get your final results by spring or summer. A +++ product!

At what price and where to buy Male Extra?

To buy Male Extra, you must go on the official website:

This is the only site where you can buy the genuine product.

Several packs are available.

  • 1 BOTTLE: 48.45 €
  • 3 BOTTLES + 1 FREE + 1 FREE GEL ERECTION: 154.95 €
  • 4 BOTTLES + 2 FREE + 2x PRO ERECTION FREE GEL: 189.81 €

Delivery is fast and free to the world.

Refund policy

After the purchase of the product, you have 60 days trial.

If beyond this period, you notice no effect, you can be refunded for your purchase.

Advantages and disadvantages of Male Extra


  • 100% natural ingredients.
  • Proven effectiveness.
  • Best sexual performance.
  • User testimonials demonstrate that it is an effective product.
  • Lasting effects over time.
  • Money back guarantee in case of non-effectiveness.


  • Only sold on the official website.
  • Need a little time to feel the effects.

Male Extra opinion: In conclusion

Male Extra is the ideal product for men who want to improve their erections and sexual performance.

Thanks to the combined action of its natural ingredients, you will find a fulfilling sex life with your partner.

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