Low straps cause an increase in pressure in the perineum.

The researchers said that cyclists who put their leashes on the saddle tend to show a degree of weakness in the genitals.

Of the 41 cyclists who competed, the 19 who had relatively low-speed bicycles had significantly higher vibration thresholds in the front vagina compared to those riding in the saddle, said Marsha K. Yale University, and colleagues.

Perineal pressure measurements also showed significant increases in low-wheel cyclists, according to Jess and colleagues on the Internet in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

“The correction of adjustable risk factors for pelvic floor damage may be the next most important step in improving the safety of women riding cyclists,” the researchers wrote.

Chase and his colleagues explained that genital anesthesia was a complaint recognized by male and female cyclists. They carried out a previous study of 48 women on a competitive bicycle and 22 runners, which confirmed a decrease in the sense of reproduction of cyclists.

The design of the saddle seems to contribute to the problem, however, the researchers observed that runners who sit on the saddle are also a factor, and perhaps dominant.

A previous study by another group found that the pressure in the pelvic floor of both sexes was related to the relative positions of the saddle belt and cable.

As a result, Gies and colleagues re-analyzed their data from a sample of 48 participants, focusing on 41 participants who had information about their bicycles. These include the pressure exerted by the saddle during the trip, as well as the biometric measurements taken at different points in the female genital areas.

The latter was expressed as vibratory thresholds, in microbes. The participants received an increasing stimulus at each point and were told to indicate when they first felt a sensation.

The low levers force the runner to lean too much, reducing the angle of the trunk and increasing the inclination of the pelvis. Jess and his colleagues hypothesized that this position would place a greater weight on the area of ​​the perineum for the tubers.

The results were reported for 22 runners who were level with their sizes compared to 19 runners with a lower position on the wheel.

In general, the two groups were similar, with the exception of the strong tendency towards an earlier age for those with low management groups. The average age was 34.5 in the low management group compared to 37.8 in the control group. About 40 percent of the latter group was 40 years of age or older, compared to 16 percent of those with low handles.

The total pressure of the saddle means that there is no difference between the two groups. However, there was a trend towards a higher total pressure peak with low belts, and the average and perineal pressures were much higher.

For example, the average peak pressure was 60 kPa in the low range of the belt versus 50 kPa in the control group.

The vibratory thresholds were much larger, reflecting the decrease in sensation, with low loops at two points from eight measured points. These were the anterior vagina and the vaginal lips.

However, in a multivariate model taking into account the difference in age between groups, the decrease in reproductive sensation was only significant in the anterior vagina.

Preliminary data indicated that in the remaining six sites (including the clitoris, the urethra, the right lips, the left and right perineum), there was no decrease in sensation with the lower handles.

Guess and his colleagues were surprised by some results. “We can not explain the reason for the inability of unilateral reproductive stimulation on the lips,” the researchers wrote, but they expected the cavalry to have a “dominant side” in which they would exert more pressure.

They concluded that low steering positions “have adverse effects on the pelvic floor,” but they also recognized that higher positions can increase wind resistance and reduce speed.

“This is an example of the ongoing struggle between choosing a location for the control and speed of the bicycle or a more comfortable position to reduce neural vascular alignment,” wrote Jess and colleagues.

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